Amazon’s Universal Wish List

August 6, 2009

“Universal Wish List allows you to add products from any website to your Amazon Wish List with one simple click, making it easier than ever to keep track of all the gifts you wish for, all in one place.”


How Different Groups Spend Their Day

August 4, 2009

For the Unemployed, the Day Stacks Up Differently


How Does Your Day Match Up To The National Average?
“Time is a finite commodity, which makes knowing how to allocate it well all the more important. The New York Times looked into the daily habits of thousands of Americans and rounded up the results in a beautiful chart in ten-minute increments.”

Microsoft Office 2010 Starts Ascension to the Cloud

August 4, 2009

This Week in Google

August 4, 2009
“Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis and their guests talk about the latest Google and cloud computing news. Recorded live at 6p Eastern/3p Pacific/2200 UTC on Saturdays and released later that evening. Part of the TWiT Netcast Network.”

Facebook Becomes 4th Largest Website

August 4, 2009

“The global rise of Facebook is nothing less than astounding. In the month of June alone it gained 24 million unique visitors worldwide, compared to the month before, for a total of 340 million unique visitors worldwide.”

google: you can make money w/o doing evil

July 16, 2009

“Google is a business. The revenue the company generates is derived from offering its search technology to companies and from the sale of advertising displayed on Google and on other sites across the web. However, you may have never seen an ad on Google. That’s because Google does not allow ads to be displayed on our results pages unless they’re relevant to the results page on which they’re shown. So, only certain searches produce sponsored links above or to the right of the results. Google firmly believes that ads can provide useful information if, and only if, they are relevant to what you wish to find.”

if there was an original sin, it was preceded by the original advertisement. that apple sure seemed relevant at the time, huh?


Life of a Google Query
it could’ve been the gorgonet right there. but, in the end, they’re more interested in plumping themselves by feeding off their hosts (all individual users) than truly cooperating, which would naturally relieve them of their baseless worried needs of feeding off the host (making money through advertising).

the deceit is always the same. ulimately Google did not appear as users imagine, through inspiration; is not a private entity. both the technology employed and the information used comes from the living of life by individuals, taxpayers in many respects. this, at best, public information is then funneled through a seemingly private company, who is then tasked with distracting them from or charging them for being their own individual selfs.

Meet Google, Your Phone Company

July 15, 2009